SMOOTH OPERATOR: Marc Hendricks is a paediatric oncologist at Red Cross hospital by day and jazz muso by night

How do you reconcile your day job as a doctor with your love for jazz?

Why, you become a singing doctor, of course.

Marc Hendricks is a paediatric oncologist by day and jazz muso by night, and with his soothing voice, he can cure many an ache and pain.

Marc, 45, from Claremont, has been working at Red Cross Children’s Hospital since 2001, but for this pianist music runs in his blood.

He comes from a musical family and as a teen, he started writing his own songs.

In 2001, he released Clear, with the band Dreamshop, as well as earlier releases, Danger in 1998 and Satisfy in 1999.

The song Satisfy earned the band recognition as newcomers with a SAMA nomination in the Best Pop-Rock Single category in 2001.

Following that release, Marc continued to compose for other artists over the years, such as Judith Sephuma, Peter Grant and Naomi Suzuki.


He says the title of his new solo album, Upright Citizen, pays homage to the piano his parents bought him and his sisters when they were little.

“When I left home, that piano followed me and I wrote most of the material for this album on that piano,” he says.

True to his selfless calling, Marc has donated all the proceeds from the ticket sales of the album’s launch held in April to the Red Cross Children’s Hospital.

Marc says his latest offering has been “a long time coming” after his last release in 2000.

“In late 2015 I asked my friend, Amanda Tiffin, to produce this recording which she accepted to my great excitement. Amanda is one of those rare people who as a singer, composer, jazz vocal teacher, musical director and arranger can do it all and with consummate ease to boot, so having her on board as my producer was a no-brainer,” he says.

However, juggling both music and a nine-to-five job is not an easy task, and he admits that it’s “hard”.

“Work at the hospital is demanding both on my time and in other ways. I make time for music because it is one of the things that is so integral to my life,” he told the Weekend Argus.

Marc says with Upright Citizen, listeners will be treated to “reflections of my life experience in some way or another.

  REFLECT: Album, Upright Citizen

 Musically, it leans very heavily on the types of music I grew up listening to or have come to enjoy over time”.

Expect some Motown, jazz, Latin and Afropop.

The album is available online. Follow Marc at and on social media.

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