CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Portia Goodwin, 31.         CREDIT: Supplied
CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Portia Goodwin, 31. CREDIT: Supplied
LATEST VICTIM: Bartender Edward Chauke.
LATEST VICTIM: Bartender Edward Chauke.
Who let the con out?

The notorious “Dik Skelm” appears to have slipped out of prison - only to strike again.

The latest victim to come forward is a Vasco bartender, who claims Portia Goodwin conned him out R1 000 after selling him an invalid Pick n Pay voucher.

The last the Daily Voice heard, the convicted fraudster was in custody facing another two counts of fraud.

Strand Magistrates’ Court yesterday confirmed this, and also that she was supposed to appear in that court today.

It is now unclear whether the Manenberg mom was released from prison on another matter, as Elsies River police are investigating her on another case of fraud, after she allegedly conned a liquor store owner in the area.

The 31-year-old was caught on a security camera last Thursday, walking into a club in Vasco, near Goodwood.

Bartender Edward Chauke, 30, says Goodwin, wearing a blue bandana and red T-shirt with a picture of Grouchy Smurf on it, waltzed in just after 8pm, using her charm to con him.

“She said she had vouchers for my boss, who can use them to purchase alcohol at any Pick n Pay stores,” he explains.

“She told me she went around many of the pubs selling them and would give us a discount by selling us a R2 000 voucher for R1 000 only.

“I told her she would have to speak to my boss. When I called him, he spoke to her and I thought they had reached an agreement.

“He then told me to put the vouchers in the safe, but it never occurred to me to ask about whether or not I should give her money.

“When she asked for the R1 000, I gave it to her and when my boss called back five minutes later, and we both realised what had happened, she was already gone.”

The 44-year-old owner of the establishment, who asked that neither he nor his establishment be identified, says Pick n Pay confirmed the voucher was invalid.

Edward says he tried to lay a charge at Goodwood Police station but was declined “because it was deemed a civil matter”.

Goodwin has been exposed several times in the Daily Voice over the past two years, after businesses across the Cape Flatsaccused her of ripping them off by selling them invalid shopping vouchers at discount prices.

Last year, the dik ding was convicted on fraud charges at the Kuils River Magistrates’ Court after she pleaded guilty, and was given a house arrest and a suspended sentence.