CRAPPY ordeal: Norman Toufie of Lavender Hill. CREDIT: Bertram Malgas
An elderly couple has been left in a crappy situation for nearly a month due to a blocked drain.

Norman, 71, and Elma Toufie, 77, from Overcome Heights in Lavender Hill says they are sick and tired of the poo water flooding their home every day.

A frustrated Elma tells the Daily Voice: “Everything smells like s*** and piss. This has been going on for over three weeks now. We contacted a community worker and all she could say was she is no longer involved in the community. My chest tightens because of this smell, one cannot even eat, want dit stink.”

The pensioners say they’ve been forced to skep the loo water in buckets and dump it outside.

Norman says: “About six of the households in our section have a problem with their outside flush toilets, our toilet is the one where all the water and disgusting things come out from because the main drain is just outside our home and all the other sewage pipes lead to ours.

“The water is so high when we get up in the morning and then we have to use buckets to get the water out of our house, our furniture is already rotting and our tiles are lifting. I even had to make a sand wall by our front door to keep the water out,” he says angrily.

Alderman Ernest Sonnenberg confirmed the City’s Water and Sanitation Department will look into the matter.

“Following a visit to the area, a foreman learned that residents have been dumping illegally into two open manholes which created the blockage.”