'MOERED BY SECURITY': Rozelle van der Merwe, 44

A Maitland  woman claims she was moered by a security guard at Cape Town Station deck after asking for directions.
Rozelle van der Merwe, 44, says she was left with bruises after a security guard from Iliso allegedly klapped and kicked her on Friday 7 July.

“It was just after 4pm and I was looking for a place where I could get my shoe fixed. I saw two guards from Iliso that does the security there at the station, so I asked them for help,” she explains.

“Another guard came and told me it is not their job and I asked him why he was so rude.”

She says an argument ensued and the guard allegedly told her he would moer her and she must “f*** off”.

“Then he slapped me three times across my face and I fell to the ground. He also kicked me and the other guards just stood there. They looked scared of him.”

The woman says she went to an information kiosk and was referred to the Iliso offices at the Grand Central building.

She says she spoke to two women who refused to give her the name of the guard.

The next day she went to Cape Town Central SAPS to open an assault case but says she was told without the name of the guard she could not open the case.

But police spokesperson, Lieutenant-Colonel André Traut, says the woman can open a case without the name.

“The complainant in this matter is encouraged to approach the management of Cape Town police to report the fact that she was denied police assistance with her matter,” he says.

Prasa regional manager, Lindelo Matya, confirms that Iliso Security Services is contracted by Prasa but says they are not aware of the incident.

Louis Rademeyer, managing director for Iliso, confirms an incident of alleged assault was reported to him.

“We will, needless to say, assist in such matters as best we can. I would respectfully not go into what our officer says transpired, as this would be best suited for any possible action the lady may wish to take within the judicial system,” says Rademeyer.

He says Iliso will take action against the guard if they find he has broken a rule.