IN ONE VOICE: Mayor Patricia de Lille, various faith leaders gather at Table Mountain to render a prayer for rain

Representatives from various churches, the Muslim Judicial Council, the Western Cape Christian Ministers’ Association, the Western Cape Traditional Leaders and Cultural Council, the Khoisan Griqua Royal House, the Bahaí Community of South Africa, the Tushita Kadampa Buddhist Centre, and the Hindu and Jewish communities led prayers, as the Cape experiences its worst drought in 103 years.

Before the prayers, De Lille once again urged residents to conserve water.

“The residents and businesses of Cape Town have made great efforts to save water but we have to do more and we especially need the rains to come,” she said.

“We are now entering level 4 water restrictions. This means that people can no longer water gardens at all, no refilling of pools and everyone is forced to use less than 100 litres of water per day.

“We are a water-scarce region and we need to prepare ourselves.

“A single flush to the toilet uses nine to 10 litres of water. We are currently in a crisis situation and we need everyone to do their part.”

Elizabeth Petersen, founder of South African Faith and Family Institute, said that the gathering was not “a production”, and asked people to refrain from clapping.

Religious leaders rendered five-minute prayers.

MJC president Sheikh Irfaan Abrahams declared that on 4 June, a special Muslim prayer meeting for rain will be held.

“All the animals and creatures need the water,” he said.

Rev Madelyn Messelaar from the Khoisan Griqua Royal House had what some called a “powerful prayer”, while Rabbi Greg Alexander from the Cape Town Progressive Jewish Community asked mense to form a circle to perform a “rain dance”.

Meanwhile Mayco Member for Water and Waste Services, Xanthea Limberg, said there was enough water to last until the end of August at current consumption levels.

Level 4 water restrictions will be implemented from 1 June.