DIRTY LAUNDRY: Nazeem Bloomberg, an Islamic scholar, divorced wife to protect image
Just days after a local mufti (Islamic legal expert) accused a fellow mufti of breaking up his marriage to his first wife of 21 years, he has claimed he ended his second marriage to a 27-year-old woman after just six weeks.

And now he reveals he has a third wife, who is 19 years old.

Mufti Nazeem Bloomberg, 51, from Mitchells Plain approached the Daily Voice last week to expose Mufti Ebrahim Smith, who officiated over his talaq (divorce) of his first wife.

Nazeem claimed the talaq which took place on 11 December 2018 was invalid and accused Ebrahim of proposing to his wife before the talaq took place.

Now, in another twist, Nazeem has admitted to the Daily Voice he married a 27-year-old woman from Hillview on 23 November after meeting her on Facebook while he was still married.

ACCUSE: This woman says Bloomberg used her for sex

He has opened up about kinky sex exchanges with the mom of two - before he “got rid of her” to save his “image”.

The woman has admitted she is a recovering drug addict and has previously attempted to take her life.

She says Nazeem used her for his sexual desires, then talaqed her after six weeks of marriage.

“I met her on Facebook and she made promises to me and portrayed a character; she was on drugs and wanted to kill herself,” explains Nazeem.

“I got rid of her for my image. This lady had no cleanliness.”

Nazeem says he visited the woman’s father to ask for her hand in marriage: “But I never went inside the house, I stood out and thought they are selling clothing (referring to their messy yard).

ACCUSE: This woman says Bloomberg used her for sex

“I knew her for a few days and she wanted to get married and I said yes, maybe to give her a chance. I said we cannot court because of our religion and told her father we can learn to get to know one another during the marriage. I don’t sleep around, if there is a desire... doing right cannot be wrong.”

Nazeem gave her a talaq on 2 January, taking her back to her father’s home and saying he’d made a mistake.

He believes the woman was out to use him and that she doesn’t want to leave him alone after their steamy chats.

“I know it is maybe a mistake that I did. I cannot base my life on it because they always said they don’t have food. I am not an ATM and I cannot pay maintenance for her children,” he explains.

“It is difficult [for her] to accept that I don’t want her. She sent me porn and naked pictures on Facebook.”

But the woman, who asked not to be identified, says Nazeem has broken her heart, leading to her overdosing on tablets.

The woman, who wears pardah, says: “We got married and for the first two weeks everything was fine and then he started (verbally) abusing me and called me a hoer.

“He would stay away the whole day and come back at midnight.”

She says after a passionate couple of weeks, Nazeem took her back to her father’s home and then ignored her.

She admits this pushed her over the edge and she took tablets: “I took all of my father’s heart pills and other stuff and I was taken to hospital.

“I told him to his face he is using me for his sexual desires. I am not interested in his money, but he must be exposed.”

The jilted woman says she first believed their marriage was a sham as Nazeem never signed the document.

But Nazeem says he gave her a talaq which is proof that the marriage existed.

The holy man confirmed he has a third wife, a 19-year-old from Lost City, whom he married in February last year.

And he says he is “happy” with her.

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