Timothy and Leticia Govender and their bundle of joy, Chase. CREDIT: Supplied

On Tuesday, the dad brought his third child into the world after his wife Leticia, 31, suddenly went into labour at home.

Timothy, who lives in Rocklands and works at Melomed Mitchells Plain, is a second-year nursing student, and says he has no training in delivering babies.

An overwhelmed Timothy explained yesterday: “I arrived at home from a nightshift at 7.30am.

“My kids, 12 and five, were eating their breakfast and I went to lie next to my wife, who said she was feeling ‘uncomfortable’.

“She was due 25 May, but the doctor said to expect [the baby] any time from the 11th.”

He says while he took his kids to school, his wife had a warm bath to help ease her discomfort.

She got back into bed, but minutes later she asked him to check between her legs “as it felt funny”.

The amazed dad says: “When I peeked I saw the baby’s head showing.

“I immediately called the ambulance, but when I put down the phone it was too late, she had started to push.

“It all happened so fast and it was all over in two minutes.

“The first push made the head come out and the second push brought the whole baby out.”

The bouncy baby boy was born at 9.08am.

NEW ARRIVAL: Baby Chase, weighing 2.7kg, born at home. CREDIT: Supplied

Timothy says he placed his son on his wife’s chest and waited for the paramedics, who arrived about 20 minutes later.

The cord was still attached and the placenta was still inside her.

“We named him Chase and he weighs 2.7kg. Doctors say he is healthy, but just had low sugar levels,” the dad adds.

Timothy says his colleagues were surprised to see him back at work after only two hours, with a new baby in tow.

“We weren’t ready for this, yoh,” the relieved dad laughs.