'THREATS': Fourie

A DA councillor who made shocking remarks towards the biking fraternity on Facebook is now fearing for his life after receiving threats online.

Councillor Ockert Fourie at the weekend upset mense when he lashed out at bikers who made him “blind with anger as they revved their engines”.

The post reads: “They just think about themselves and when those engines scream into hell, I just wish to see pieces of steel, blood and brains against lamp poles and in the tar road.

"The rubbish just think how wonderful they and their bikes are, without thinking about the sick and elderly and shift workers and babies, as long as they can be cocky and show off.

“You can’t educate them as they swear at you and gang up against you and then make even more noise to taunt you.”

On Sunday, Fourie posted an apology on Facebook, claiming he was referring to a particular group of bikers in his area.

But Facebook users were having none of it, and the post received over 200 comments, mostly containing threats.

Adolf Kiewiet Potgieter posted: “Old horse, can I tell you something, your s#it is booked.

“You better not stick your head out of your door again, rather live like a recluse because, believe me, if the bikers of Kimberley find you in the street, I see only darkness for you.”

Others have called for his immediate suspension from the DA.

DA leader in the province, Andrew Louw, confirmed to the Diamond Fields Advertiser that the party was collecting evidence in the matter before deciding on the way forward.