EFF’s James Kingman, left, was thrown with brick.    Credit: PATRICLK LOUW
EFF’s James Kingman, left, was thrown with brick. Credit: PATRICLK LOUW
UNDER SIEGE: Commander Godfrey Tromp’s truck was burnt and he was shot
UNDER SIEGE: Commander Godfrey Tromp’s truck was burnt and he was shot

Another Economic Freedom Fighters leader has come under attack in Retreat, just days after a branch leader was shot and wounded in the same area.

And the EFF is blaming the violence on the Democratic Alliance, saying they are being targeted in the run-up to the local elections on August 3.

James Kingman, 49, who is a ward candidate in Lavender Hill, was attacked by four men with a brick on Friday night.

Last Wednesday, EFF branch commander Godfrey Tromp was shot in front of his house in Vrygrond.

Days before, his truck was allegedly petrol-bombed by members of the Funkies, who were angry because he had banned them from his tavern.

EFF provincial chairperson, Bernard Joseph, believes the DA is behind the attacks, but says they won’t back down on their mission to conquer the Cape.

“This thing of Capricorn and Vrygrond is definitely the DA people. Besides there being a gang element, I think this is politically motivated on the attacks on Tromp and James.

“Therefore we are not surprised if the DA elements are involved and you need to scrutinise their attacks on Facebook.”

But Anneke Scheepers, DA Western Cape Media Manager, slammed Joseph for his “unfounded allegations”.

“It is unfair for them to jump to this and make assumptions, unless there is evidence,” she says.

Kingman was leaving an EFF meeting in Capricorn and was on his way home on Friday night when his Renault Clio - marked with party posters - was hit by an alleged drunk driver at the robots on Prince George Drive and Military Road.

WRECKED: Colleague Isaac Goliath inspects damage to James’ Renault Clio after the attack.   CREDIT: Patrick Louw

James says he was knocked unconscious for a few seconds and when he woke up, he saw police driving off with the man.

James, who was dressed in his red party attire, says shortly afterwards four thugs attacked him with a brick.

“I was on the cellphone to my friend telling him what happened when I saw I was alone at the accident scene,” he explains.

“I saw four young men coming from Lavender Hill side. They flung a brick at me and it hit me on my neck.”

He fought off his attackers and was rescued by his friend Isaac Goliath, who arrived on the scene.

James still has a large bruise on his neck, while the car crash left him with whiplash and an injured shoulder and chest.

Speaking from his bed yesterday, James said he was attacked at a known hotspot but there were no cops in sight.

“I was lucky I could defend myself. What about a woman, she will be robbed and killed, where is the police?”

Captain FC van Wyk says the alleged drunk driver, a 35-year old man, was arrested.

“It is alleged the driver of the Toyota failed to stop at the red traffic robot and collided with the Renault Clio.”

The suspect appeared in court yesterday.