OUTSPOKEN: Cyril Ramaphosa
at SACP National Conference

Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa yesterday launched a scathing attack on the Guptas saying that he will not keep quiet when there are “revelations” implicating ANC members.
He said the ANC knew for certain that billions of rands have been stolen from government, and that taxpayers’ money has been used to pay for a larney Gupta wedding.

“We now know without any shred of uncertainty that billions of rand of public resources have been diverted into the pockets of a few,” Ramaphosa said.

“We also know taxpayers of this country also paid for a lavish wedding that took place in Sun City (North West) and we also know that these were resources that rightfully belonged to the people of South Africa.

“Should we remain quiet when all this happens? I am one of those who will not remain quiet.”

Ramaphosa, a strong contender for the presidency of the ANC and the country, spoke at the SACP’s 14th National Congress in Boksburg, criticising the corruption that has damaged the ANC under President Jacob Zuma and urging the SACP to stay in the tripartite alliance.

The deputy president’s remarks follow revelations state funds were allegedly channelled from a Free State dairy farming project to pay for a wedding in 2013 of the Gupta brothers’ niece.

Ramaphosa said these funds should have been used to build schools and houses.

He called for the establishment of a judicial commission of inquiry to look into allegations of state capture.

Earlier, SACP delegates sang songs, demanding that the party contest elections.

While Ramaphosa was ushered out the venue, delegates broke into song “thina sifuna i state power” (we want state power).

But Ramaphosa cautioned: “As you ponder and look at this motion on whether the SACP should go off on its own and contest elections, I would like you to pause before you sign on that resolution... ask yourselves whether we are better off divided or united?

“There is still a long way to go... this is the moment friends would not dare stay apart. We do not expect decisions out of this congress that are going to weaken the alliance. On the contrary, we expect decisions that are going to unite and strengthen the alliance.”