KNOWS the SKOLLIES: Roegshanda Pascoe testified at murder trial
Crimefighter Roegshanda Pascoe lifted the lid on gang wars in Manenberg as she took the stand to testify against six skollies in the Western Cape High Court on Wednesday.

The brave woman, whose family came under attack just days before the Angelo Davids murder trial got underway, rekked her bek on gang operations in Manenberg.

Davids was stabbed to death on 20 July 2016 in full view of a number of people by a group of men, but no one was prepared to give cops a statement.

Roegshanda came forward and a day before she was set to take the stand, a group of men opened fire on her home, injuring her 24-year-old son.

Manenberg cops arrested Monray Fagan, Moegamat Faeez “Faizy” Hendricks, Shamiel Petersen, Ziyaad Lewis, Moegamat Naeem Benjamin and Jonathan “Bomb” Willschutt, all alleged members of the Clever Kidz gang, for Angelo’s murder.

On Wednesday, Roegshanda identified Benjamin, Lewis and Petersen as members of the Dixie Boys gang and while she did not have knowledge of Fagan, she outed Faizy as the leader of the Clever Kidz and Wildschut as a member of the same gang.

She explained when peace talks are held in the community, each gang sends a “representative”.

“I only know Linky [Benjamin] from him being a taxi gaatjie and I know his mother. On the day of the mediation, I got a skrik to see he was representing the Dixie Boys.

“In Manenberg there are various gangs who always fight with the HLs [Hard Livings]... but we know in the gang wars the Dixie Boys and the Clever Kidz stand together.”

During the tea break, women who were spotted in the public gallery were discussing the case, and one was heard saying: “Die witness gaan k** maak.”

The trial continues.

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