Greater Blue Downs CPF served up a pink cakeCREDIT: Ayanda Ndamane

In Eerste River, the Greater Blue Downs Community Police Forum entertained more than 400 women who have been affected directly or indirectly by abuse.

The ladies were treated a lovely breakfast and snacks upon arrival at Palm Park Primary School yesterday morning.

There were motivational talks and a draw for spot prizes almost every five minutes to keep the crowd entertained.

The ladies whooped and screamed at being so indulged and when lunch was served, there was a gorgeous pink Women’s Day cake just for them.

Calling the festival “Our Women of Power”, vice chairperson of the CPF, Henry Beerwinkel, says the day was about reflecting on the successes of women in power.

“In 1956, women marched and stood up for injustices that our people faced. Today, the battle is still there, only the battleground has changed. Women serve on our neighbourhood watches and have a keen interest in keeping our areas drug, gang and violence-free,” says Beerwinkel

He proudly adds: “We are here to celebrate the woman and all she endures. We salute our women.”

A special award was handed to about 30 ladies for their exceptional service in the community in the more than 20 Neighborhood Watches of the Cluster.

Carol Goliath, 54, from Bardale Village, said she felt so good being among women who have an understanding of what hardship is.

“We are all affected in some way by the sins and hatred of our oppressors,” says Carol.

“They hurt us and stripped us of our pride, but we women never lie down and just take it. We are the strength for our families and our communities. We must lead them to do right and demand to be treated like the queens that we are.”

Another treat for the ladies was the lekker music, a brass band and songs performed by entertainers.

The ladies were dressed up and most of them were in their high heels they usually save for special occasions.

Meanwhile,  Kraaifontein police provided services of a different kind this Women’s Day to victims of abuse when they traded their guns and pepper spray for hairdryers and nail polish to spoil 16 women with a pamper session.

Kraaifontein cops treated women to a pamper day and brunch. CREDIT: Solly Lottering

Starting on Friday already, the women were treated to mini makeovers that included perms, manicures and facials.

And yesterday they were welcomed back for a special brunch.

For these women, going to the police station the past few days was a joy.

Belinda Pentz, 64, who lives in a local shelter, says she feels like a new person.

“I can’t stop looking at my nails and how beautiful it looks,” she says.

“My face feels completely different.”

And Cathy Moolman, 65, says it’s been a day she will never forget.

“My hair is blown, my nails are painted and we had nice meal that I enjoyed with friends. I will never forget this day,” she says.

Detective Sergeant Rizzilia Kortjie says this is something they always wanted to do for the women in Kraaifontein.

“Everyday we see what these women go through so we decided to pamper them from head to toe,” she says.

“On Friday, we started with a beauty session where we took 16 women and reminded them how good it feels to be a woman, and yesterday we treated them to a brunch here in the conference room at the police station,” says Kortjie.

She adds: “Brigadier Gerda van Niekerk lit candles to show that we the police care about every woman who is an abuse victim.”

Meanwhile, at the Scottsdene Youth Centre, community members got blow-by-blow boxing |lessons hosted by the Maxim Kids boxers from Khayelitsha.

The community boxed against crime in the area – that claimed four lives last week – and with every punch, they shouted “say no to crime” inside the packed venue.

Blow-by-blow boxing at the Scottsdene Youth Centre. CREDIT: Solly Lottering