KEPT HIS PROMISE: Police Minister Fikilie Mbalula in Elsies River yesterday. CREDIT: Enrico Jacobs
Minister of Police Fikile Mbalula visited Elsies River for a third time and kept his promise by making sure more police resources were made available to the community.

On his second visit, which was to the memorial service of murdered Courtney Pieters, 3, the minister assured residents that their request for a satellite police station would be fulfilled.

Residents said they needed to take two taxis or hire a car to get to the police.

Yesterday, he handed over the Mobile Community Service Centre, which will be an addition to the existing Elsies River cop shop. 

He also reiterated his declaration of war on skollies, and those who abuse women and children, and urged parents to be more vigilant about their children.

"Parents must not be reckless, because today you can't even trust your uncle. The society we live in has become so cruel and sick," he said.

“Criminals must know, we are going to deal with them."

Three weeks ago, 13 residents were shot in one street in the area. Three of the victims aged, 17, 37 and 50, were killed.

“When I came here, kids were shot and when Courtney died, the community said the police take [a long] time to respond,” Mbalula said.

“Those who think they are protected by the law and are in the deep pockets of the police, we will find them.

“They must understand it is not going to be business as usual, but business unusual.”

The community welcomed the new police station.

Mother of three Zaida Solomons, 29, says she worries about her children being caught in a crossfire: “Two of my children go to school, I am very worried about them, I have to walk with them to school.

“The small children who are supposed to be at school are gangsters themselves. They rob the other children.

“Having this mobile police station here will give me some peace.”