PAAP IS REAL: Willemina Malgas from Bonteheuwel

On Monday, Willemina Malgas had her own daughter, Wendy, 22 arrested after she allegedly set the family home in Prunus Street on fire.

At the time, police confirmed Wendy had been arrested on arson charges.

Her family claims she is mentally unstable due to drug abuse.

Now, Willemina says her daughter has been released after appearing in the Bishop Lavis Magistrates’ Court and is terrorising the family.

“Oh, sy is terug! She came yesterday and told everyone and me she is going to kill me. Ek het geskrik om vir haar op die pad te sien. Die polisie het vir ons niks gesê nie.”

The mother, along with her husband and her two sons, are currently living with relatives while they wait to rebuild their home.

The fire which started at the Malgas home quickly spread to another backyard dwelling owned by Maredy and Stanley Timm who also lost everything in the blaze.

“She came out on Wednesday and said she is going to burn us again. We are very scared and she is just walking around here.”

Police did not comment on the progress of the case yesterday.

According to a police source, the docket has not returned from court yet.

However, Willemina says she will be returning to police today as the family fears her daughter will “try to kill them again”.

“Ek gaan terug môre. Sy gaan ons dood maak. Die polisie moet haar vat. Ek kan nie slaap nie. Sy het gesê sy gaan ons weer brand,” says the crying mother.