Tempers flare as Zimbabweans 'lose' WhatsApp service.

Zimbabweans couldn’t even send each other shock-face emoticons yesterday when they discovered they could no longer access WhatsApp messenger because their government had blocked the service.

By 7am WhatsApp users in Zim were no longer able to send or receive messages via the app.

WhatsApp Users who only relied on Wi-Fi had access after 7am, but they too were shut down by midday.

Zim Minister for Information, Communication Technology and Courier Services Supa Mandiwanzira denied any government interference in the WhatsApp service, saying government had no reason to ban or block the use of the service because of a few individuals who abused the platform.

The shutdown is said to be linked to ongoing protests in Zimbabwe over government corruption, delayed salaries for civil servants and police roadblocks.

Protests have been organised and it has been rumoured Robert Mugabe’s government is trying to stop the spread of protest pictures and information.

Social media platforms Twitter and Facebook remained online in Zim and it was where mense complained about the WhatsApp blackout.