Drivers caused a stir as they rolled up in their fancy cars during a charity drive through the two communities as they raised awareness of young girls who cannot afford sanitary towels.

The event was led by Fuman Mashau, of the Beemers Owners Association and was held in partnership with the Dirty Thirties Car Club, Cape Flats Beemers, Bernadino Heights Secondary School and Enkululekweni Primary School.

Mashau says: “Car clubs and associations across Cape Town meet up once a month to host a charity drive.

“For Women’s Month we wanted to do something for young girls and after reading various media articles about how girls are staying out of school while menstruating because they cannot afford sanitary towels, we decided we needed to get involved and help out.”

At Enkululekweni Primary School, the atmosphere was festive as the car owners showed off their kwaai sound systems.

The clubs collected enough pads to keep 45 girls in school for the next 11 months.

Amanda Plaaitjie, a Grade 7 teacher at Enkululekweni, says absenteeism is high among girls.

“The community is very poor and many parents cannot afford sanitary towels. So the girls just stay at home and lose out on school time,” Plaaitjie explains.

“It is very bad for them because they miss out on assessments, they come back and they struggle in class and this impacts their reports badly. With the donation, we can help our girls go through their period easier and they won’t have to miss out on their education.”