Cape Town has a brand-new new millionaire, and the 56-year-old woman says it was the best Mother’s Day gift in the world.

She’s now ready to hang up her work boots and live the good life, after winning the R58 million Lotto jackpot on Saturday.

The woman, who has chosen to remain anonymous, says she is a regular PowerBall player but seldom tried her luck with the Lotto. However, the moerse jackpot pot encouraged her to play.

“After seeing the estimated jackpot prize, I started daydreaming about how this could change my life and make it even better,” she says. 

“On Saturday, my husband and I decided to go out for dinner. On our way to the restaurant, I insisted to my husband that we stop at a retail store where I could play the Lotto, which I did. I put my ticket away quickly after playing and forgot about it for the evening,” the lucky winner says.

The woman says she saw on the National Lottery website that the jackpot had been won by one person and was on her way to a Mother’s Day celebration with her family when she decided to check her ticket at a nearby shop.

“When I inserted my ticket in the machine to check if I had won anything, the machine issued a little slip with a note that read: ‘Please contact the National Lottery head office.”

At the family gathering, she asked her son to check her ticket. 

He confirmed that her ticket matched the winning numbers and advised her to write her details, including her identity number, on the back of the ticket.

“My body just went numb, I was in total disbelief. All I could do was drink my gin!” 

South Africa’s newest multi-millionaire says she will continue to work for the next six months or so in order to ensure a smooth handover to her successor.  

“This will also give me enough time to carefully think about how I will spend my money. Ideally, I would like to invest 90% of my winnings and live off of my investments for the rest of my life. I’m grateful that I got my early retirement,” she said.

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