FEAR: Commuters say they felt like trapped rats during the ordeal

Commuters travelling on Jakes Gerwel Drive in Mitchells Plain got a skrik yesterday morning when their buses were pelted with bricks while standing still in peak-hour traffic.
According to terrified passengers, they felt like trapped rats as there was nowhere to run, except duck as people at the Highlands Drive intersection at Siqalo informal settlement and the Samora Machel intersection further along stoned buses.

Police have confirmed that people at these two informal settlements were protesting.

Commuter Victoria Adams, 36, from Woodlands says she was late for work and jumped on the first bus heading into Cape Town, when the bus came under attack at 6.45am.

“We were at the robots and saw the groups of people at the hokkies [Siqalo], ready with bricks, and people just started screaming,” she says.

“We could not get off or run or anything. We were stuck and the bus was crawling along. We could do nothing but pray.”

Another victim said he had to cover his head as glass from the broken windows scattered everywhere.

Mario Cassidy, 45, who lives in Westridge, explains: “We were trapped and these people just kept on throwing stones. I cut my hand trying to shield my head and I felt helpless as these angry people attacked our bus.

“We don’t know why they are doing it, but we did nothing to deserve this."

Golden Arrow Bus Services spokesperson, Bronwen Dyke-Beyer, says the matter is being investigated.

“Golden Arrow can confirm this morning’s stoning incidents. At this stage the motive is unknown and we are in the process of verifying reports of two injuries,” she says.

“Anyone with information regarding these incidents is urged to come forward.”

Police spokesperson Lieutenant-Colonel Andrè Traut says: “This office is aware of a protest action in the Samora Machel area, which was attended by Metro Police.”

Metro Police did not respond to any queries by last night.