LOOT: Rocklands Civic Centre
Staff at Rocklands Civic Centre in Mitchells Plain were shocked to find their workplace burgled in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

A caretaker, who did not want to be named, says skelms gained access through the roof and ransacked the place.

“They stole a 32” Hisense TV, a Telefunken music centre, two Dixon speaker boxes, a Titan speaker box, a Toshiba laptop, R2000 worth of Shoprite stamps belonging to the seniors’ club who use the venue, butchery stamps, two Dixon mics, a Samsung J1 phone, one dart set, a 30 Seconds boardgame and three soccer balls,” he says.

Anyone with information can call the Rocklands Civic Centre office on 021 391 7971.

DA Ward 81 councillor Daniel Christians said the burglary comes as a shock as the centre is fitted with an alarm system.

“These are resources provided by my ward funds and I can’t understand how can they access the property with the alarm system,” he says.

“It’s not the first this happens and I’m disgusted.

“I’ve been trying to provide opportunities for kids to keep them away from peer pressure.

“Unemployment plays a role in these burglaries and thieves focus on City of Cape Town assets.

“They don’t easily go for house break ins but the City assets are more accessible for them.

“There are also suspicious characters that enter and we can’t point a finger.”

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