COMPLAINTS: Parow West Primary School
A Parow mom has called for an investigation into bullying at Parow West Primary School, saying her son tried to hang himself in a school toilet.

The 35-year-old widow says her nine-year-old was so desperate to escape the clutches of boys “who continually beat him and steal his lunch” that he tied two small ropes together and tried to end his own life.

The angry mom says the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) has failed to properly investigate various incidents at the school, including that of Grade 1 learner Caleb Harris, six, who was slammed into the ground and broke his arm after he tried to stop an older boy from choking his friend.

The Parow mom says she reported her son’s issues to the principal and teachers.

“Last year when he was in Grade 4, it started with children stealing his food and hitting him. I spoke to the teacher who said there was a problem because he was advanced and finished his work quickly.

“One day he reported being bullied to one of the monitors and he was told to ‘grow some balls’,” the mom says.

In August, she was called to the school over what was called a “small incident”.

“My son took ropes that they use when they play with tops and tried to hang himself in the toilet. When he gave his statement to the detectives, he told them he just wanted to go be with his father in heaven,” the emotional mother says.

The boy was sent for counselling.

The single mom says she cannot afford to send her son to another school.

“The department needs to investigate because bullying is still rife at that school.”

The Daily Voice contacted the WCED on Monday for comment but spokesperson, Bronagh Hammond, did not respond.

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