File picture: Independent Media
The Automobile Association (AA) has warned motorists not to be flippant when it comes to the lives of children during the festive season.

This weekend, roads will be congested as many people will be travelling, following the closing of schools. Motorists were urged to ensure that all passengers, especially children, buckled up.

AA spokesperson Layton Beard said, according to the latest statistics, less than 7% of South African children were transported in car safety seats. “Saying this is essential would be an understatement. It is critical, and studies have proved in most road accidents that children were saved by car seats.

“There is no excuse for a child not to be strapped in. Many organisations even provide for those who cannot afford baby seats.”

Spokesperson for Wheel Well, Peggie Mars, said: “Car seats can keep a child in the car safe. Every child has the right to safety we understand not every parent can afford a safety seat, so we give them away free.”