RESIGNED: British Prime Minister David Cameron.

It’s only been two days into the divorce and Britain is reportedly spyt and ready to make up with the European Union.

Those who supported Britain’s exit - or “Brexit” referendum - are already voicing their regret, saying they didn’t think their vote would matter.

The decision, which will remove the United Kingdom from the 28-nation bloc, has sent shockwaves through the British economy, with the value of the British pound hitting a 30-year low.

Electoral services workers have reported calls from “leave” voters asking if they could change their decision after Friday’s result became clear.

Others have publicly admitted that they voted “out” as a form of protest, certain in the belief the UK would remain in the European Union.

The anxiety - dubbed “Bregret” - emerged as markets crashed, Prime Minister David Cameron resigned, and some felt betrayed by UKIP leader Nigel Farage’s admission that a Vote Leave poster pledging to spend millions of pounds supposedly given to the EU on the National Health Service was a “mistake”.

Cameron, who campaigned to stay in the EU, said he would step down in October.

Lifeguard Khembe Gibbons regrets her decision.

“We’ve left the EU, David Cameron’s resigned, we’re left with Boris [Johnson], and Nigel has just basically given away that the NHS claim was a lie,” she tweeted.

“I personally voted leave believing these lies, and I regret it more than anything, I feel genuinely robbed of my vote.”

The UK is one of South Africa’s biggest trading partners globally, generating about 10 billion pounds in revenue annually.

However, business and trade relations will now have be renegotiated.