SUSPENDED: Brigadier Cass Goolam has support

Mitchells Plain Station commander, Brigadier Cass Goolam, along with 13 senior officers were suspended by provincial police in September after 15 firearms disappeared from the cop shop.

The suspension has sparked concern among community leaders who have now formed a committee to lobby for Goolam’s return.

They say the removal of the station commander and sector commanders has had a negative impact on crime in Mitchells Plain.

The committee consisting of Reverend Henry Bothman, Dr Randall Petersen, Joanie Fredericks, Warda Cay and Ashley Potts have started a Facebook page called The Return of Brigadier Cass Goolam in the hopes that provincial police would see their concerns.

Among their grievances is the 18 firearms that went missing from Bellville South Police Station a few weeks before, yet that station’s commander was not suspended.

“Everyone is asking what is happening. We have drafted a letter to the cluster and the provincial commissioner to find out what is happening,” the committee says.

“We are very upset and while we think the action was necessary, we believe in his innocence. The morale at the station is low and we think the suspension was inconsistent.”

The group will now hold car-cades starting this Saturday to raise awareness among residents and starting on Monday, they will host daily pickets at 8.30am and 6pm in front of the police station to express their unhappiness.

Details have been posted on their Facebook page.

Provincial police did not respond to queries for comment by Wednesday night.

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