UPRISING: Protesting at CPUT

CPUT was shut down indefinitely yesterday following a second day of protesting at its campuses.

At the Bellville campus yesterday, about 300 students and CPUT workers staged a protest, demanding the university insource workers and drop charges against students arrested during protests earlier this year.

Student leaders, who refused to identify themselves to the media, claimed CPUT management called them into a meeting on Monday where they made the alleged bribe offer, which they say they refused.

As the crowd became angry, the leaders appealed to them not to get “emotional”.

“Be strategic, there is a game that is being played, we won’t go until they come out with an answer,” one male leader said.

Cleaner Melanie Solomons, who says she has been working for CPUT, says: “We’re asking for a contract because when you get a contract you get a payslip and benefits.”

Rochelle Lewis, 22, voiced her safety concerns. “I’m working on wet tiles, in showers and toilets. They didn’t give us proper boots and equipment, I have to wear flip flops. If I get injured on duty, there’s no help for me because I haven’t signed a contract.”

CPUT spokeswoman Lauren Kansley said workers were to meet with management last night, after which a decision on when to reopen the campuses would also be announced.

Regarding the alleged bribe, she said: “Without more information I won’t be able to comment on the bribe allegation.”