TRAGIC: Tylo’s lifeless body lays in a street in Ocean View.     CREDIT: Patrick Louw
TRAGIC: Tylo’s lifeless body lays in a street in Ocean View. CREDIT: Patrick Louw
A two-year-old boy died metres from his home after he was hit by a taxi that was allegedly speeding.

Eyewitnesses say little Tylo Jacobs died instantly after his head was crushed.

Yesterday, his tiny body was covered with a green blanket in the middle of Despina Road, Ocean View, surrounded by scores of shocked onlookers.

The red taxi that hit him stood a short distance from the scene, from where police removed it.

Tylo’s paternal grandmother, Sylvia Fritz, says moments before the van hit her grandson she saw it “driving fast’.

“As I walked I saw [the taxi driver] driving fast and I had to jump out of the way as I crossed the road,” the granny says.

Sylvia says she and her daughter were walking but the younger woman turned back because Tylo was crying after her.

Sylvia says she didn’t witness the accident as she had already turned the corner.

“[Witnesses told me that] Tylo was walking with another boy his age and they were both on the pavement,” she explains.

“A woman who saw says the taxi hit him while he was walking on the pavement.”

The grieving ouma says her daughter came to call her and she thought the tot was still alive.

“My daughter had to stop the driver because he was going to continue driving,” she claims.

“As I ran to Tylo I saw him get out of the taxi with his hands above his head.

“My attention was only on Tylo. I later heard that the driver ran to the police station,” she adds.

Tylo’s mother Candice Jacobs, 22, was in another taxi on her way to work when she received a phone call about the horrific accident.

“I came here and I saw my child in the road,” says the sobbing mother.

“I was heartbroken. I saw him there then came inside, I couldn’t see him like that.”

After speaking to the Daily Voice, Candice asked to see her son but her boyfriend, John Fritz, advised her not to.

While the family believe the driver handed himself over, police spokesperson Constable Noloyiso Rwexana could not confirm this.

“I can confirm a case of culpable homicide was open for investigation. No one has been arrested,” she says.