ASSIST: A Community Organisation of Bonteheuwel Association initiative.

The donation and handover was arranged by the Community Organisation of Bonteheuwel Association (COBA) a new organisation aimed at bridging the gap between residents and the City of Cape Town.

COBA chairperson, Abie Clayton, says the association is concerned about elderly residents who have to walk far to get medical supplies.

“Many of the residents living in Apricot Place also can’t afford basic things such as cotton wool when they have a cut or something," he says.

“The pension money they get is very little so this project is aimed at bringing some relief to the elderly. The pharmacy is also very far."

The packs include caps, cotton wool, bandages, applicators for creams and other goodies.

Ek gaan nou vir julle wys hoe om die goed te gebruik, ne,” said Clayton during a demonstration as he put one of the caps on his head.

In response, one ouma shouted: “Ek gaan lekker my hare dye met daai ding!”

Clayton laughed and says the association was looking at various community upliftment programmes focusing on municipal matters, the youth and the elderly.

Julle is mos ons ouers en ons moet agter julle kyk. This is just something small to help you along and we want you to come to us if you need help.”

Ward councillor, Angus Mckenzie, helped with the donations and said he believed it was important to assist elderly residents.

“Many are very vulnerable and walk to the pharmacy, so this is a great initiative to help them along.”