DENIAL: Alleged perv says he has laid a charge of slander against complainant
A teenage girl has been left traumatised after a pervert from Grassy Park sexually harassed her twice in the train, the latest incident happening last week.

He also sent her pictures of his penis on social media.

The 18-year-old student from Retreat says the vark first felt her up on the train on their way to Claremont in November last year.

For fear of victimisation, she has asked to remain anonymous.

“My friend and I were on our way to Claremont when we saw these two guys, they were standing a distance from us. When the train came, packed to capacity as usual, he then pushed me into the train,” she explains.

She was not ready for what would happen next.

“He started touching me in the train. I had on a skirt as it was extremely hot that day. I told him to stop. People were so close to us and they could hear the conversation. He starting saying disgusting things like: ‘I wanna f*** you. I wanna lick your * ****, I wanna be deep up in you, how do you like it and I know you wanna f*** me’,” she says.

WARNING: FB post and WhatsApp screenshot

“He was touching me on my bum and front area, he was rubbing my legs, he tried to go up my skirt and I pushed and eventually I pushed him hard enough for people to notice and he stopped.”

She says she got another skrik when she saw the call centre consultant in the train again last week.

“I haven’t seen him since the incident in November, and when I saw him last week, I didn’t know what to do when I saw him at Steurhof Station,” the teen explains.

“He told me he was so surprised to see me. I put in my earphones, but he kept pulling them out. He told me he’s going to kiss me in my neck. He started to touch me and rubbed himself against me and I pushed him. This time the train wasn’t that full.

“He then told me the first time he did it (touched her) it was fun and asked if I enjoyed it. I told him it was not and I am traumatised.

“He then asked: ‘Oh, did I rape you?’ and I said no, but it’s called molestation and he laughed at me. He then asked for my number and thinking quick, I took his number in order to expose him.”

The teen’s friend then advised her to give the pervert’s number to her.

“The messages he sent were so disgusting, sending pictures of his genitals and videos of him ‘doing things’ in his work bathroom. We also found out he is a married man with children,” she says.

She says she didn’t go to the police or tell her mother out of fear she might upset the family, but now she fears she might see him again.

“My friends exposed him on Facebook and the comments on there made me realise I was not the only one. In the first comment one lady said finally he is being exposed. I am afraid of seeing him again. What if he attacks me?”

Now she wants to warn other women to beware of the train vuilgat.

The Daily Voice contacted the culprit, who works in the city centre.

He denied he harassed the teen, and said his life has been threatened since being outed on social media.

He says: “It is not true. This is slander and I went to the police to lay a charge of defamation of character. They put me all over Facebook, I cannot even walk around or take the train home this evening. My marriage is now on the rocks because of this, I might lose my job and now my child must also think I am a monster.

“They are lying and now threatening the lives of my wife, my child and myself. A guy told me he is family of Hard Livings leaders and I will see what will happen.

“If I molested her, why did she smile with me last week after I hardly even recognised her? Why did she give her number to me and then immediately start chatting to me?”

Asked if he had sent pictures of his penis to the teen, he said those were not his.

He then sent the Daily Voice pictures of his “own” penis on WhatsApp, saying: “These are my d*** pics”.

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