BEATEN: Chevonne Opperman hit for Sassa card

The boyfriend of a woman who was hacked with a spade has admitted he moered her and claims “she is all right” with him now.

Alvino Abrahams says he hit his partner, Chevonne Opperman, 25, over a Sassa card, but claims he never used a spade.

The couple have two kids, aged four and 11 months and in Alvino’s care, and live in a Wendy house in Batha Street in Leiden, Delft.

Frantic neighbours on Sunday called an ambulance after Chevonne collapsed in the street, her leg broken and her face bruised.

Chevonne was taken to Tygerberg Hospital where she is still receiving treatment.

Witnesses said Alvino had attacked the woman, and neighbours were angry because police have failed to arrest him.

On Monday night, after the story was published, Alvino called the Daily Voice to deny allegations he had moered Chevonne with a spade, but admits beating her up.

“I heard rumours that I hit her with a spade. I was busy with the spade as I was cleaning the yard, but I didn’t hit her with the spade,” he said.

“I trapped her twice in the face with my feet. I know I threw her out and when she fell out of the house maybe that is when she got her injuries.”

He further claims the attack occurred after an argument over a Sassa card, which he wanted from her.

He says he visited her in hospital after the incident.

“I was at the hospital and she is okay with me now.”

Police did not respond to queries about the incident.

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