SCENE: Muizenberg
An off-duty Law Enforcement officer saved the day when he stopped 30 men from robbing people at Muizenberg Beach this week.

The drama unfolded on Monday afternoon when Law Enforcement officers were alerted that beachgoers were being robbed near Muizenberg Civic Centre.

Inspector Wayne Dyason says cops managed to catch four of the suspects.

However, they were forced to release the skelms with just a fine because witnesses refused to give statements.

“Law Enforcement officers were on foot patrol on Muizenberg’s iconic Surfers’ Corner beach when they were [alerted] by a member of the public that a group of about 30 people were allegedly busy robbing people behind the Muizenberg Civic Centre,” explains Dyason.

He says when the cops arrived on the scene, the robbers fled.

“The officers pursued them and managed to apprehend four of the suspects at Surfers’ Corner. Unfortunately, none of the witnesses were prepared to give statements about what happened (and) the officers were unable to arrest and charge the suspects.

“Each suspect was then issued with a fine for riotous behaviour and ejected from the beach area.”’

Dyason says an unknown off-duty officer managed to scare off some of the skelms as well.

“It was revealed to the officers that an off-duty police officer intervened when he saw the group trying to rob people.

“They turned on him and he fired a warning shot into the ground.

“The officers tried to locate the shooter (the cop), but he was nowhere to be found.”

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