SLAIN: Alleged leader of the Nice Time Kids, Marwaan ‘Dinky’ Desai, 45, of Lentegeur, and friend Shaheem Mohamed were shot dead

Marwaan “Dinky” Desai, 45, the alleged leader of the Nice Time Kids in Lentegeur, was shot and killed while sitting in his parked BMW X5 on Wednesday at about 6pm.

Cops apparently found R80 000 cash on the backseat and boot of the car.

Desai and Shaheem Mohamed from Lansdowne were parked at the Caltex garage at the Howard Centre, in Forest Drive.

According to a witness, Mohamed had been dropped off, also by a BMW X5, and got into the passenger seat of Desai’s car.

SCENE: The hit took place at a Caltex garage in Pinelands. CREDIT: Leon Knipe

Speaking on condition of anonymity, the witness explained how two balaclava-clad men ran up to the car and opened fire.

“The two guys [Desai and Mohamed] were parked in a white car. The passenger had been dropped off in a BMW X5 with no [number] plates and they sat in the front of the car,” said the witness.

“All of a sudden, a Hyundai Tucson took the corner at the garage at a massive speed and the two men in balaclavas jumped out.”

He says the shooters ran to the driver’s side and shot both men.

“They shot through the window at both passengers. I was standing dead still three cars away, too shocked to move.

“The shooters saw me, but did not even care.

“They fired six or seven shots and then one of them scratched under the car, on top of the rear tyre on the driver’s side.

“Then they just sped off in their car.

“This looked well-planned. They looked like they had come just to do their thing.

“I went closer to check on the victims, but they were dead and I saw loads of money lying on the seat, tied-up R100 notes. I don’t know how much it was,” adds the witness.

Pinelands police officers arrived shortly thereafter and the scene was closed off.

ASSASSINATED: Police found the two bodies and R80 000 in cash in the BMW X5. CREDIT: Leon Knipe.

Police spokesperson Captain FC van Wyk says: “Two men were shot and killed while sitting in their vehicle in a parking area of a Pinelands shopping centre.

“Two suspects fled the scene in a white Hyundai Tucson and are yet to be arrested.

“The circumstances surrounding the incident are being investigated and the motive is yet to be determined.”

The shooting is believed to be related to ongoing infighting in the 26 gang, over drug turf.

Both Desai and Mohamed were buried according to Muslim rites last night.

At Desai’s home in Blombos Street, Lentegeur, hundreds of people came to pay their last respects to Desai, who was known as “Robin Hood” in his community, as he always helped those in need.

A family spokesperson said Desai’s wife Tasneema Desai, 35, and his five children, aged nine to 19, were traumatised.

“Tasneema is taking care of her children and dealing with everything as best she can. She lost her husband and partner,” said Nuraan Davids, 36.

“We do not know why he was shot. We only know he was shot in the head several times and now we are just waiting to hear what happened to Marwaan.”