CONVULSIONS: Two-month-old Almira
The mother, who slipped and fell in a puddle of fresh cream in a Shoprite store, has rushed her baby to hospital after the infant started experiencing fits.

The mother says doctors told her the baby’s continuous crying, fits and fever “were a direct result of the fall” they had in the store in Pelican Park, last Sunday.

Shakeena Abdullah, 33, said she was holding her two-month-old daughter Almira, in her arms when she slipped and fell.

The mom sustained, back, hip and deep tissue injuries on her thigh and demanded that Shoprite pay her doctor’s bills.

Shoprite spokesperson, Sarita van Wyk, said last week the chain “was sorry to hear Ms Abdullah feels she did not receive adequate assistance and apology from the branch management after her unfortunate accident in the store”.

She said Shakeena’s medical claims were being assessed while “corrective action” may also be taken at the store in question.

Shakeena says doctors examined Almira after the fall and found nothing wrong.

CONCERNED: Shakeena Abdullah rushed her daughter Almira to hospital after the kid started having convulsions.

However, on Saturday, she rushed her child to hospital after she started having convulsions.

Baby Almira has since been moved from Red Cross Children’s Hospital to a specialised ward at Groote Schuur Hospital.

“My concern from the beginning was my child. I knew something was wrong,” the worried mom said yesterday.

“When I spoke to the doctors initially on Saturday, the fall at the shop was the furthest thing from my mind. Only later it hit me and the doctor went wide-eyed and she was transferred to Groote Schuur.

“I am afraid for my child. She now has a full body rash and meningitis. The doctors say it is a direct effect of the shock [after the fall].

“I am not done with Shoprite now. Someone called me in the week and was very cold about the whole matter.

“I did not ask for anything, but now my baby may be affected for the rest of her life because of this.

“They have to take responsibility for her and her care, whatever is required.”

Van Wyk did not respond to email queries yesterday.