ALLEGATIONS: Sex attack accuser Louisa Wynand.

Louisa Wynand claims the ANC offered her a “full bursary” just after a meeting of the party’s integrity commission.

The 21-year-old Stellenbosch woman is at the centre of a sexual harassment claim against Western Cape ANC chairman Marius Fransman.

Her spokesman Gavin Prins revealed on Friday that “someone in the inner circle” of the ANC offered Louisa the bursary.

“Due to the ongoing investigation, we’re not at liberty to disclose any further details of the offer,” said Prins.

Wynand, who matriculated in 2013, was reportedly forced to give up her studies in culture and language at Stellenbosch University because she couldn’t afford it anymore.

Fransman has denied having anything to do with the bursary offer, while the party challenged Louisa to substantiate her allegations.

“The person who is alleging this must come out and prove it,” Khusela Sangoni, ANC spokeswoman told Weekend Argus.

The aspiring singer laid sexual harassment charges against her previous boss Fransman at Sun City on January 6.

She had travelled to Rustenburg with him and two others to attend the ANC’s 104th anniversary celebrations in January.

She claims she had been forced to share a double bed with Fransman in a Kimberley hotel, where he held her “in a tight grip, fondled and touched her” and that he had harassed her in a vehicle en route to Rustenburg.

Fransman has denied the allegations.

Last week, several flirty WhatsApp messages, allegedly from Fransman to Louisa, were exposed in the Daily Maverick.

He allegedly suggested she dress “sensual” and make herself “look hot for the trip”.

Fransman has refused to comment on the messages but was adamant he had not broken “any law”.

“It’s only the institutions authorised by law which can determine the veracity of those allegations.”