UPBEAT: Provincial secretary Faiz Jacobs

The African National Congress (ANC) in the Western Cape yesterday admitted to its weaknesses, saying divisions within the party had prevented it from winning the province.

“But, we are ready to serve and ready to govern,” said the party’s secretary in the province, Faiez Jacobs, during a media briefing on the organisation’s readiness ahead of the August 3 local government elections.

The ANC had last governed the Western Cape in 2009, following its so-called golden years with former premier Ebrahim Rasool, concluding its tenure with Lynne Brown. It last ruled the City of Cape Town in 2006.

Since then the party has been riddled with allegations of factionalism and its provincial executive committee was once dissolved.

Jacobs conceded that the provincial executive committee (PEC) has not been unified and communities had seen this, resulting in them losing faith in the party’s ability to govern.

“If the ANC is unified and the ANC can become a credible opposition to the [Democratic Alliance] then we can restore the faith,” said Jacobs.

He insisted the current PEC was united.

In addition to being a united PEC, there was a “gatvol factor” when it came to the DA, Jacobs said, which he believed provided fertile ground for an ANC takeover of the province.

He said the DA was given a chance but had failed to deliver, particularly to poor, black communities.

“The conditions are ripe. We are ready to be the servants of the people,” said Jacobs.