ASSESS: Lion's Head

South African National Parks (SANParks) has urged mense to adhere to signage informing of areas not open to the public on parts of Lion’s Head or face a stiff fine.

This after concerns were raised on social media about damage at certain sections of Lion’s Head, a popular hiking and tourist spot in Cape Town.

SANParks had confirmed the sections in question were not open to the public due to the assessment of the work that has been conducted.

SANParks head of corporate communications, Janine Raftopoulos, said these sections included the newly installed staples and chains.

“Unfortunately, visitors to the area have ignored signage informing them that these sections are not to be accessed and they are closed,” she says.

“SANParks Rangers also patrol the area informing citizens that certain sections are not open for use and have been demarcated as such.

“With the recent fires, SANParks had to delay the opening of Lion’s Head, and we’ve subsequently reopened the footpath section leading to the summit where maintenance work was successfully completed.”

She says people had posted on Twitter images of the sections that are not yet open to the public.

“We will ensure that the closed sections are certified safe before reopening them. We also want to reassure members of the public that standard procedure is to conduct safety checks before the area is reopened.”

She urged people to refrain from posting images of the sections in question on social media.

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