VOLATILE: Bus stop is becoming a gold mine for skelms
Residents of Tafelsig and Eastridge in Mitchells Plain are gatvol of a MyCiTi bus stop they say is both damaged and dangerous.

Commuters say that over the past few months, there has been a spate of robberies and attacks on people waiting at the bus stop, especially in the dark of early morning and at night.

And after numerous complaints to their ward councillor, nothing has been done to fix or secure the stop on the corner of AZ Berman Drive and Spine Road.

All that remains of the bus stop, which once had a smart shelter, is the sign and concrete block, lying on its side on the pavement.

Donovan de Villiers, 42, from Tafelsig has sent several emails to the ward councillor of Ward 79, Solomon Philander — with photos of the stukkende bus stop — but to no avail.

He was told the councillor was busy in a meeting, but did not get any further response to the concerns of the community.

“I am speaking on behalf of the commuters who have to stand at this horrible bus stop, unsure and unsafe if they will even get the bus before they are robbed of their possessions. People have been complaining for months about this and nobody comes back to us with anything,” he says.

“MyCiTi is supposed to be the new convenient and safe way to travel, but this stop is dangerous. There are school children who travel into town and adults and seniors as well.

“We use the service because we were promised safe passage, now it’s just a convenient stop for thieves, robbers and murderers to take what they want without any real effort.”

Brett Herron, the Mayoral Committee Member: Transport and Urban Development, says the City is looking at finding safer locations for the bus stops.

“The City is aware that commuters making use of the MyCiTi service in this area may feel vulnerable after dark when walking to the stops / waiting for the bus,” he says.

“We have recently conducted surveys in consultation with the local community to determine the best locations for the MyCiTi stops along the D03 and D04 routes - once the locations have been finalised, we will replace the temporary bus stops with permanent shelters which will be fitted with lights.”