STAND: Dr Hermann

Solidarity Chief Executive Dr Dirk Hermann says: “What the applicants are trying to achieve is to destroy the moral glue that glues South Africans together.

“The question is whether that which the applicants are seeking is in line with what ordinary South Africans want. Looking at the statistics, this is clearly not the case.”

The union said that the case was of major importance to hundreds of thousands of parents and children across the country.

The application is requesting the court to ban religious practices at schools, which is contrary to the convictions of 95 percent of South Africans who identify themselves with a religion.

“There is no such thing as neutral education. In practice, the atheists who brought the matter before court want to enforce their belief on school communities,” Hermann said.

“Even a secular approach constitutes a certain world view that is to be enforced on school communities.

“Under the guise of inclusion, the will of communities is being excluded.

According to Solidarity, religion and values are the elements that bring South Africans together across traditional divisions, while according to the South African Institute of Race Relations, 86 percent of South Africans identify themselves as Christians, and almost 95 percent identify with this faith.

Only 5.2 percent South Africans regarded themselves as non-religious or were not sure which religion they associate with.