MISSION: Pastor Mark Mini and his CRC group in Roacklands, Mitchells Plain. CREDIT: Bertram Malgas
This pastor believes the power of prayer can turn the tide of gangsterism and drugs in Mitchells Plain.

The holy man and his reformed “disciples” are aiming to take back the streets from druglords and killers, and give it back to the church.

Pastor Mark Mini and his flock have been invading the streets and homes of known merts and druggies, converting them back to a life of law and order.

It’s all part of an outreach programme they have started at the Christian Revival Church in Rocklands.

Pastor Mark says they have already tasted the sweet fruits of success, as dozens of skollies and drug addicts have been saved.

“We started our church two years ago with just three rows, today we have over 400 rows,” he says.

“Yes, we go through many trials and tribulations but we overcome it. Many gangsters do not like the fact that we take so many off the street and bring them back to the church. A month ago, on a Sunday after church, I was assaulted by gangsters who did not agree with our outreach programme, but we still go on.”

CRC members regularly hit the streets, handing out food parcels, blankets, clothes, bibles, books and toys to mense.

They also pray for gangsters sommer on the street, they go fearlessly into drug dens and they pray for broken families who are then invited to Sunday services.

Former drug dealer Leon Jacobs, 37, from Tafelsig says the CRC saved his life.

Toe ek die vision kom leer, het my lewe verander, and suddenly I had purpose. Ek het die underworld control met ’n yster hand, met drugs and prostitution. I then started using the very drugs I sold and became addicted to it,” Leon says.

His life took a turn for the worse when he killed his twin brother in a fight two years ago.

“I killed my twin brother… stabbed him in his heart, and just before he died in my mother’s arms, his last words, which I will never forget, were: ‘Mammie, se vir Leon dit sal oraait wees.’

“Five months later after a failed suicide attempt, I found CRC, while I was drugged, and it saved my life,” he adds.

Leon was convicted for the murder, but has since been released on parole for good behaviour.

Pastor Mark urged people to support their programme, and save lives.

“We do it because we believe in Mitchells Plain,” he says.