FATAL: Hanover Park

Two other men were injured in the shootings late on Sunday afternoon.

The shooting happened at Plenty Court, Lonston Road and residents in the area fear all hell will break loose now, because the man killed in the shooting is allegedly the father of a Mongrels gang leader.

“He was shot for the sins his son commits and now everyone is in danger,” an upset resident says.

The two other victims, aged 44 and 67, are allegedly also members of the Mongrels gang.

The three men were rushed to the Hanover Park Day Hospital, where the shooters followed them and continued shooting at the facility’s gates.

They also tried to enter the premises, and the hospital was then shut down.

Mom of four Carla Botha, 45, said she is tired of dodging bullets.

“We can’t walk outside or go to the shop, or to work or even to church, without ducking and diving bullets. The police need to be here patrolling regularly,” says Carla.

Police spokesperson Lieutenant-Colonel André Traut confirms the shooting.

“[On Sunday] afternoon a 52-year-old man was shot and killed in Lonston Road, Hanover Park.

“ During the same incident two other males aged 44 and 67 were shot and wounded. The circumstances are being investigated and no one has been arrested as yet,” says Traut.