GETTING GATVOL: Ivan Wrenn, 63, of Heideveld

Ivan Wrenn, 63, says he was given a house at the new housing development along the N2 in Heideveld, and has documents from the City to prove it.

But last week he was told his house at 75 Suther Peak Road, which is standing empty, did not belong to him.

Ivan, who is divorced and has been a community worker on the Cape Flats for 21 years, says he wants the home as approved by documents sent to him.

And what upsets him most, is that he assisted ward councillor Anthony Moses when the project started nearly three years ago.

“I am old and have to live with my children and grandchildren in Rosa Court. I have to sleep on the couch as there is no room for me,” says Ivan.

“That yellow house is my home and I want to move into my own home before I die.

“I was supposed to move in in May, but they told me to wait; and nobody is telling me why I can’t get into my house.”

In February, Collin Harris, 51, said he was twice denied homes at the new development, despite receiving erf numbers from the provincial Department of Human Settlements.

He eventually moved into his home two months after his story was placed in the Daily Voice.

The housing project is managed by Ward 44 Councillor Anthony Moses who at first promised comment, but then referred the matter to the City.