INCIDENT: A gang 'hitman' killed in Parow

According to police, three men who are affiliated to the 28s gang were shot in two separate drive-by shootings.

The first shooting occurred in Beret Road in Leonsdale, Elsies River, where Angus Robertson, 33, and Brandon Hawker, 19, were injured while standing in the road.

Robertson was shot in the left leg and Hawker was shot in the chest and both legs.

A neighbour, who asked not to be named, said the two men are well-known gangsters: “They were just sitting there and a car came and two doors opened and they shot them.

"We know they are gangsters, but they are fighting with the Bad Boys from the other side of Leonsdale."

While the Daily Voice was at the scene, several residents identified members of the Bad Boys gang as the shooters. A police source says Robertson and Hawker are members of the G-Unit gang which is also affiliated to the 28s gang.

When questioned by police, three Leonsdale men which police have identified as members of the Bad Boys gang, denied any role in the shootings.

“Die Terribles en almal van hulle is mos saam met die agge [28s] en hulle staan teen ons. Dit gaan oor territory,” one man said.

The second shooting occurred in Connaught Road in Parow where police found the body of a man, believed to be a hitman for The Terribles gang, in a parked vehicle. The police source confirms that the dead man was a hitman living in Leonsdale.

Police spokesperson, Lieutenant-Colonel Andrè Traut, confirms the shootings.

“One victim died and two were admitted to hospital. The circumstances are being investigated and no one has been arrested as yet,” he says.