STREETS TAINTED BY BLOOD: Gang violence is terrorising Delft. CREDIT: Brendan Magaar

Delft has been running red with the blood of 22 people being murdered in just four weeks.

The three latest fatalities occurred within hours on Wednesday night and yesterday morning.

All three victims were shot in the head at close range.

Policing organisations have confirmed that as the death toll has escalated, provincial police have brought in extra manpower.

Authorities say the violence is the result of a turf war between the 26s, 28s and Terrible Josters gangs.

In Blikkiesdorp, a race war is brewing coloured skollies and black residents.

On Wednesday, at about 10pm, cops were called to La Province Street in Voorbrug where an alleged drug dealer, aged 57, was shot in the head by two attackers.

While cops were at the scene, gunshots could be heard in another area, and cops rushed off to Aster Street where a 27-year-old man only identified as “Junaid” was also shot in the head.

Six hours later father of three, Bradley Williams, 34, was shot three times in the head in Sanui Crescent in Roosendal.

A bereaved Carmen Williams, 34, says her husband had been visiting a friend when he was murdered.

“He left a friend’s house and they shot him in the street. This is unnecessary, to kill someone who isn’t a gangster,” she says.

Reggie Maart, chairperson of the Blue Downs Cluster Board, rushed to the scene after being called by a relative.

“Most of these shootings are gang-related and we are disturbed by it but the community is assisting by speaking out,” he tells the Daily Voice.

"We have a team in Blikkiesdorp who are monitoring the situation after it flared up over the weekend when over 100 black residents wanted to move out.”

This after two black men were shot in the privates by members of the Gifted gang.

“We want to say we are doing all that we can in our power,” Reggie says.

Last weekend, one person was killed and three wounded in Blikkiesdorp while a 25-year-old man was beaten to death in Lange Street in Leiden.

The burnt body of mom of three, Nomanesi Klawushe, 38, who had been missing for a week was found on August 12 in bushes along Symphony Way.