WORK: City workmen switch water back on at Grey Crescent home in Tafelsig

The taps of a Cape Flats family, who has been without water for 18 days, are running again - thanks to the Daily Voice.

The Mitchells Plain family say they have been living without water for nearly three weeks, and have been left with runny tummies, mountains of dirty laundry and dishes, and a toilet they could only flush with buckets of their own urine.

And despite numerous phone calls, SMSs and emails to the City of Cape Town, no one has come out to fix their broken water meter.

On Monday, shortly after the Daily Voice made an inquiry to the City, a repair team was sent out to the house in Grey Crescent, Tafelsig and the problem was fixed.

When the Daily Voice arrived at the house, City officials pulled up and immediately started working on the water meter.

Portia Crozier, 45, says their taps ran dry on 27 October.

“The first time the water was off was on 20 October, it was in our area and we called it in, they [City officials] came out and said they are just busy with rotations,” she explains.

“When the water went off again on 27 October, I thought it was rotation again, but our water never went on again. For nearly three weeks we have been without water.

“We called multiple times, sent emails and SMSs. My husband only got through to someone four times, and one time they said they’re sending someone, but no one came. I sat home waiting for officials, scared to leave in case they pitched, but they never did,” Portia says.

The mother of two says she is frustrated as her family had not eaten a proper meal in weeks and she had to borrow water from her sister.

“This was not a nice experience. I had to ask my sister for water. I asked neighbours in the road, but they said they have too little water. I had to buy small bottles of water at the shop for us to drink.

“We didn’t even have enough water for the toilet and it became unhygienic. The dishes piled up and I couldn’t even cook a decent meal. We had to have sandwiches all the time.

“The City says ‘they care for you’, so how is this caring? I have diarrhoea cramps and it’s excruciating,” says an angry Portia.

She says she still doesn’t know the reason for their water being cut off. Portia says they were not behind on payments and had no leakages.

“The officials couldn’t tell me.”

Mayoral Committee Member for Area South, Councillor Eddie Andrews, said possible reasons for the supply interruption include an underground leak on the private plumbing or the customer exhausting their daily water allowance.

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