BLOODSHED: Another victim 
of gang violence lies dead on the streets of Mitchells Plain
Mitchells Plain residents say they have had enough of shootings in the area after the TENTH person was killed in gang-related violence in the past two weeks, five of which were in Lentegeur.

In the latest murder on Saturday just after 8pm, a 39-year-old man was killed in Snapdragon Street in Lentegeur.

Residents claim the victim was a skollie.

Police spokesperson, Sergeant Noloyiso Rwexana, says a murder investigation is underway, with no arrests having been made yet.

Residents said scenes such as these have become the norm in the area and they’ve now had enough of the bloodthirsty skollies, but need help because their local Community Policing Forum (CPF) “is useless and is letting them down”.

Last week, residents called the area a “killing field” after four people were shot and killed in two days.

The victims were aged between 19 and 23 years old.

A spokesperson for the residents, James Swarts, says they even organised peace talks between rival gang members on Sunday, 8 April, and asked police and the CPF to join.

“A march was arranged for gangs to sign a peace declaration. The community notified the CPF and police for assistance and made a plea for everyone to stand up with us to once and for all stop the gang violence. We wanted to tell them to stop the killings or be removed by the community,” Swarts explains.

He says residents came out in their numbers while gangsters from the Fancy Boys and American gangs also pitched up, ready to negotiate a truce.

However, he says the Lentegeur SAPS and CPF were nowhere to be seen.

“The so-called registered chairperson, Mr Abie Isaacs, said he cannot accept this last-minute invitation and put his life in danger,” says Swarts.

“Why does the community need to sign up with the CPF first to take the streets back?”

Mitchells Plain CPF chairperson, Abie Isaacs, says he didn’t attend because the invitation was issued while the meeting was already in progress.

“Firstly, the CPF does not negotiate with gangsters. Our mandate is to see that SAPS do their work,” he says of the “peace talks”.

“As CPF chairperson, I was only informed telephonically of this when everyone was already present on the field. I never knew about these plans before that.

“I haven’t received an email, SMS, WhatsApp to any extent that the community wants peace talks. If I had been given notice, I would have been there.”

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