LONG LIFE: Dora le Roux celebrated her 103rd birthday.      CREDIT: Bertram Malgas
LONG LIFE: Dora le Roux celebrated her 103rd birthday. CREDIT: Bertram Malgas
A Cape Flats ouma is still on her best behaviour and cracking jokes at the ripe golden age of 103.

Dora le Roux says she has lived a full life thus far and celebrating her 103rd birthday was a real blessing.

Dora celebrated her milestone on Monday, and the Daily Voice was at her party at the Erica Place Retirement Home in Athlone, where she lives.

Ouma Dora was dressed to impressed in her smart black and white jacket and a fashionable blouse.

Asked to share her secret to longevity, she reveals: “Walk in the way the Lord wants you to walk. All you have to do is live a decent life.”

Ouma Dora, who is a qualified teacher, spoke about how much she loved teaching children.

She says: “I taught at many schools and only retired when I was 75 years old. Children must learn so that they can be successful in life.”

Daughter Joy Minnaar, 70, who calls her mom “wonder woman”, adds: “My mother taught at Independent Primary, York Road Primary, Thornton Road Primary and in Hanover Park.

“God has blessed her with something good in her life. She taught us to respect and love others.

“She also worked at Meals on Wheels after her retirement until she could no more,” says Joy.

Ouma Dora was blessed with four children, 17 grandchildren and 21 great-grandchildren.

And the jolly old lady is still full of life.

She once knitted herself a lovely dress, and hopes to brei herself a nice warm jersey for winter next year.

“I didn’t sit still ever, and I still can’t sit still,” she jokes.

Here are Ouma Dora’s secrets to a long and happy life:

“Remain quiet, that’s the secret to life, it makes you guilty of nothing,” she says wisely.

Other pearls of wisdom include obeying and honouring your parents, educating yourself, living in peace and harmony with people, and being the same person in your house as you are in public.