INITIATIVE: Debbie’s own peanut butter brand, Eden All Natural, has none of the bad stuff

You may not believe it, but that jar of peanut butter in your kitchen can be the start of a lekker meal or dessert.

A jar of chokers is on most shopping lists because it’s quick and easy to spread on your brood (with or without jam) and it’s a filling sandwich.

But now there is a move away from all the preservatives and stabilisers in the mass produced peanut butter because of health and allergy concerns.

These health reasons were part of the motivation for Debbie Ncube from Durbanville to quit her job as an accountant and launch her own peanut butter brand.

MOTIVATED: Debbie Ncube of Durbanville makes own natural brand of peanut butter

Eden All Natural is 100 percent peanut butter with none of the bad stuff, extra sugar and preservatives.

Debbie says: “When I was growing up we used to take one big stone and one small stone and grind a few peanuts until we had peanut butter we could lick off our fingers.”

These days her business is a lot more sophisticated and you’ll find Eden All Natural peanut butter at Pick n Pay stores in five variants — original, chocolate, cinnamon and raisin, hot and spicy [chilli] and seeded nutty.

The unsaturated fats in an all natural peanut butter is good for you and there are many health benefits associated with peanuts and, of course, peanut butter.

Peanuts are packed with good nutrients like potassium, fibre and magnesium so check the label on your peanut butter and make sure you’re getting all the peanutty goodness as well as the health benefits.