AMBITIOUS: Kane smaaks change
If the governator could do it, so can WWE’s Kane.

On Tuesday Kane – otherwise known as Glenn Jacobs – swapped his spandex for a snappy blue suit and yellow tie when he officially announced his candidacy for mayor of Knox County.

He is running as a Republican.

“For the past 22 years, I’ve had the pleasure of living here in East Tennessee,” Jacobs said.

“Because my career with WWE has taken me all around the world on a weekly basis, my family and I could live pretty much anywhere in the US. that we wanted. We live here because want to live here – because we love it here.”

As a wrestler, Jacobs’s character, Kane, was known as a “sadistic” wrestler who finished off opponents with the brutal tombstone piledriver, in which he placed his opponent onto his shoulder, then slid “the wrestler down into position, upside-down, before dropping his knees to the mat, sending the opponent’s unprotected head bouncing off the floor below,” as one blogger described it.

As a mayoral candidate, Jacobs seemed focused on the Republican ideas of small business and small government.

“I want to do my part to make sure that it remains a great place and that our future’s brighter than ever. I’ll work hard to make Knox County a place that is attractive for new businesses as well as a place that existing businesses can continue to grow, thrive and flourish,” he says.

He isn’t the first strongman to attempt a transition to politics.

Jerry “The King” Lawler made an unsuccessful bid for mayor of Memphis.

But Jesse Ventura successfully switched from wrestling to politics, becoming the mayor of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, and later governor of Minnesota.

And ex-pro bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger was governor of California.