WORKING IT: Drag queen Manila Von Teez
WORKING IT: Drag queen Manila Von Teez

Drag queen Manila Von Teez has taken her dance moves to a whole new level, bagging a starring role in the new The Kiffness music video.

Manila struts her stuff while the guys play the tune of their new song You Say You Love Me, which features the vocals of Tawanna Shaunte.

The diva is minces on her high heels and is joined by dancers Maxine Wild and Jayde Kay Johnson, who also skut their lywe to the sounds of the lekker beats.

But Manila, 26, says it’s all for a good cause - the video is dedicated to the 49 victims of the Orlando nightclub shooting in the USA, which happened on June 12.

She says they filmed the video the day before, and everyone got a shock when they heard the news.

Manila explains: “Everyone saw what was happening on their phones. We then decided to dedicate the video in their honour.”

“Manila” is only five years old and the man behind the make-up and fabulous dresses, Veon Wentzel from Eerste River, says it’s been a real evolution for him, going from a skaam beauty pageant hopeful to a confident entertainer commenting on world issues.

“I kinda wanted to take a different direction because the beauty pageants really wasn’t for me,” says Veon.

And if you liked any of the outfits from the music video you’ll be happy to know they are all original designs.

“I make all the clothes myself,” says Manila.

“And I had all the outfits already except the white swimsuit which I made the night before the music video shoot.”

It’s no easy dancing on high heels but for this drag diva it’s second nature.

“We did about eight takes, and then I had to keep on running up and down and putting on and taking off the clothes,” says Manila.

But it was all worth it in the end as the music video is an online hit with over 19 000 views already.

Manila says she’s found her new calling in life  on screen.

Next month she’ll be making her reality show debut, on SA’s Got Talent as a contestant.

Manila wants to educate South Africans about the art of drag, one music video and one talent show at a time.