REGGAE ARTISTS: Bongo Riot and Jeremiah Fyah Ises

Mixed at independent studio, Baak Ah Yaad, a reggae roots setting in Rocky Street, Yeovil, the new tunes which are making waves on Facebook and Instagram are pleasant to the ear and easy to dance to.

Bongo Riot’s Ma Pakstan is sizzling hot. The track has nothing to do with Pakistan nationals. “It is about a virtuous woman,” Bongo Riot explains.

His one piece camouflage suit makes him look much slender and taller than he really is. Bongo Riot flashes a smile. It was Africa Day, 5 May, when the African News Agency (ANA) spoke to him and he makes it a point to show unity with fellow African artists.

Bongo Riot says he opted to work with Malawian producer, Tiyanjane Tiyainity Chalamwendo, at Baak Ah Yaad studios, an independent entity.

“I am a Zulu man, but I speak chiChewa (a Malawian language),” says Bongo Riot.

The regional collaboration of musical skills is at its best on Dlozi Lam — the single which will be available at the end of June.

The other songs Ma Pakistan and Bengimtshelile are from the new album expected to be released soon.

“Everything is transparent … as an artist you want to express yourself,” says Bongo Riot, whose music is available on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, iTunes and Amazon.

All three songs by Bongo Riot are doing the rounds on social media along with two others sang by Jeremiah Fyah Ises from the same stable.

Not one to say too much, Jeremiah Fyah Ises, who covers his head with a turban, sings sweetly on both his tracks “I Wonder” and “Survival”. With the ability to sing high and low notes, his voice can serenade and soothe any aching heart.

Using different languages when he sings, Jeremiah Fyah Ises gives his blend of reggae a distinct South African feel. Once you have listened to his music, he doesn’t have to say much because his songs do all his talking.

“We have a band,” beams Jeremiah Fyah Ises, who can be found on most days perfecting his sound at Baak Ah Yaad studio.

Under the guidance of Father Gray, the owner Baak Ah Yaad studios, both Bongo Riot and Jeremiah Fyah Ises, are producing clean music for young and old.

“It is all reggae … every song has a different feel,” says Father Gray. Although he doesn’t say so it is clear he is determined to see the star of his artistes rise.

African News Agency