SCREAM QUEEN: Sigourney Weaver in Alien

Jinne, it’s Valentine’s Day and there’s not even a whiff of a romantic movie on any of the channels. Sies, man! What did we nogals do wrong? Where’s the romance gone ,mense?

So to hell with romance and get scared under the covers with your sweetheart with’s movie at 10.40pm, Alien, starring the forever young sci-fi starlet Sigourney Weaver. The Nostromo, a deep space tow craft, answers a distress call from a deserted planet. After landing, they find a crashed spaceship and some strange eggs. And from there, the nightmare begins. As the saying goes “In space, no one can hear you scream.”

For some serious dinge, check out Save My Marriage, SABC3 at 7.30pm, where five couples go on a journey to equip them with the tools that they need in order to save their marriage, and save them from divorce.

Sound too serious? Catch Break The Beat for some lekker hip-hop vibes and moves, SABC1 at 10pm.

And speaking of beats, has Rhythm City up at 7pm where Blossom’s plan to help Rene doesn’t go exactly as planned, and Nomalanga decides to share her terrible news, and Sabelo is stabbed!

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