GRIEF: Esti and Marko having problems, 7de Laan

Yoh, talk about a frantic Thursday! Keep up the pace with the mal movie on at 10 pm, Flightplan.

This psychological thriller tells the story of Kyle, who has just lost her hubby and is flying with his body, and her daughter, to their home in America.

Everything is going fine - as fine as things can be if you’ve just lost your hubby and you’re flying in a plane with his body - when her daughter goes missing. Poof! Vanishes into thin air!

Now she’s running around the plane like a afkophoender looking for her daughter, and everyone there skeems she’s mal because they tune her there is no daughter on the plane.

Meanwhile, in Hillside, Marko and Esti are going through a rough patch while Willem gives Ben relationship advice - not so sure about that, maar kom ons kyk maar 7de Laan, SABC2 at 6 pm.

Jinne tog, but poor Moliehi is bedonnerd! But wouldn’t you also be if you saw Thobile and Lucky kaalgat in die kooi? Muvhango, 9 pm on SABC2.

And on’s soapie pick Scandal!, at 7.30 pm, Quinton is desperate to save his company while Romeo gets personally involved in his therapist’s life. OMG, I can’t keep up!

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